Basic Information

Forum Organization

The work of TELFOR will be organized within plenary sessions with invited papers or lec­tures, thematic debates, through the work of authors sections from the defined program fields, through panel discussions, round ta­bles and seminars on current issues, tutorials, exhibitions, technical and commercial presentations, professional meetings, etc. Working schedule is determined by the Steering Committee.


All companies, institutions, individual authors and visitors from broad ICT fields are invited and welcome to participate in all TELFOR activities, under conditions posted at

Submission of Papers

Papers to be submitted for TELFOR could include both expert and scientific articles contain­ing original ap­plicable or theoretical results of researches, of interest for a broad group of experts engaged in the field the article deals with. The authors are welcome to submit the articles compris­ing the applications of theoretical methods in solving spe­cific engineering problems, presentations of new equipment and systems, results of experimental research, new realizations of familiar solutions, etc..
The authors are requested to submit only those papers whose contents have not been notified, published or in any other way presented at any time prior to the Forum. The papers should contain original scientific, expert or applied re­sults of the authors themselves. The results included should in no way violate the rights of other authors or organizations. Although all papers will be reviewed, the authors themselves are responsible for the publishing rights, originality and quality of their papers.

The presentation of results of other authors or institutions, without a personal contribution or par­ticipation, as well as survey papers or tutorials, may be offered by participants for acceptance or can be invited by the Program Committee. In such a case it is obligatory for the authors to obtain all the necessary permissions and to clearly state all the sources used.

There is a special student section. Only the students of basic academic studies and graduate academic studies could present their papers in this section, with arbitrary notification of a mentor.

Papers should be written and presented in English or Serbian languages. As the author/co-author of an original paper, either as author or as co-author, each participant can be represented three times at most. The papers will be exclusively accepted for reviewing (a) those received on time, (b) those that are strictly prepared in accordance with the instructions for authors posted at . The registration and ”on line” Internet uploading of the FINAL ELECTRONIC VERSION of the paper should be realized in accordance with instructions posted at
By submitting the paper, the authors are accepting all the rules listed in this invitation.

Forum Fees, Reviews, Proceedings

There is no fee for authors. Single participant’s admittance and their participation in either the authors' sections or in special presentations are also free of charge. The activities of the companies, special tutorials and seminars are to be paid separately.

The authors' papers sent for TELFOR will be subject to reviewing. The anonymous reviewers are appointed by the Program Committee. After reviewing the authors will be informed whether their papers are accepted or rejected. The reviewers decision is final.

Only papers with a favorable review of the reviewers will be accepted, posted at the and published in the CD Proceedings. An accepted paper should be obligatory presented in authors sections by its author or the co-author, otherwise it cannot be referenced as the paper published at the TELFOR. Upon closing of the Fo­rum the Program Committee may select and recommend some papers for publication in scientific or expert national and international journals.



Family Mirčevski proposed and TELFOR Steering and Program Committee accepted and established the “Blažo Mirčevski” award for the best paper of a young TELFOR author.

Awards propositions will be announced at .


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